Platform Features

Next-Gen Solution for Comprehensive
Compliance Needs!

Unified & Intuitive Compliance Design

An experience-focused software that upholds a centralized structure encompassing processes, assets, risks, controls, and audits.

Comprehensive Built-In Regulatory Frameworks

Harness cutting-edge standards and controls that span across diverse regulations and industry frameworks. Covering over 650+ controls, including industry giants such as PCI, RBI, SEBI, SAMA, ISO 20007, HIPAA, and beyond.

Federated Data Library for Proactive IT Compliance

Leverage COMPLYment’s Federated Data and Storage to remain ahead with proactive alerts on IT regulatory content updates.

Advanced Risk Mitigation and Policy Governance

Boost efficiency in managing IT risk, cyber policies, and controls with advanced strategies deployed across the enterprise.

Tailored Compliance Assessments and First-hand Insights

Customize IT compliance assessments with precision, execute control testing, provide unassailable evidence, all aligned with your unique regulatory prerequisites.

Real-Time Compliance Monitoring and Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Generate all-encompassing reports across every sector and establish control procedures to have a fine-grained overview of compliance status.

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